Real-time ambulance dispatch system

  • Redesigned the Gauteng ambulance dispatch process to ensure improved response times and accurate location data
  • Introduced Android mobile devices to provide vehicle tracking data and a user interface for drivers
  • Developed an SMS-based system to inform patients and healthcare facilities of arrival status
  • Created an interactive training programme for operators and drivers using self-testing methods and master trainers
Ambulance Dispatch
  • Faster response


    Reduction in response times within first 2 weeks

  • Adoption rate


    Adoption rate by shift leaders and ambulance crews

  • Total duration

    2 weeks

    Design, development and roll-out duration

  • IoT
  • SMS
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Maps and navigation

Affordable 15-minute clinic

  • Set up a completely automated walk-in clinic offering quick turnaround times and reasonable fees
  • Utilises facial recognition to register patients
  • Harnessed the power of AI to support vital signs assessments and other measurements
  • Used advanced analytics to identify trends and associations
  • Facial recognition
  • AI
  • Telehealth
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customer satisfaction


    Average customer satisfaction rating

  • New site launch


    Time taken to launch brand-new site

Cashless fuel payments system

  • Built a Computer Vision-powered system that automatically identifies petrol station customers via CCTV
  • Integrated the system with fuel pumps to generate real-time data, such as fuel grade
  • Generated insights into staff performance based on vehicle service times
  • Identified trends and associations via sophisticated analysis of Big Data
  • Service times


    Reduction in customer service times

  • Development time

    4 weeks

    Development time for the end-to-end solution

  • The platform is the first of its kind

  • IoT
  • Computer vision
  • Big data

Intelligent advertising board

  • Developed digital billboards to target specific consumers for mass personalisation campaigns
  • Built a system to trigger ads based on make and model of vehicle passing by
  • Used advanced image processing technology to identify vehicles
  • Produced real-time analytics on vehicle make and model, total vehicle count and dwell time
  • IoT
  • Computer vision
  • Cloud
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced analytics
  • African-first


    The tech is the first of its kind on the continent

  • Detection accuracy


    Accuracy in detecting vehicle manufacturers

  • Development time

    6 weeks

    Development time for the end-to-end solution

In - store digital assistant

  • Developed Marc1 point-of-sale system to gain customers, increase basket size and reduce shrinkage
  • Produced customisable platform with a long list of advanced features
  • Focused Marc1 on decreasing reliance on retail staff to drive sales
  • Gained support and won awards from the world’s leading tech companies
store digital
  • Decrease in cash losses


    Average decrease in cash losses for clients

  • Increase in revenue


    Average revenue increase for clients

  • First solution to track shopper behaviour in real time

  • IoT
  • Cloud
  • Machine learning
  • Location analytics
  • Big Data

Interactive HIV status reporting system

  • Built a scalable, low-cost feedback channel capable of handling more than 30 000 users per month
  • Incorporated automated SMS triggers, robo-calls, WhatsApp integration and conditional question workflows
  • Generated real-time data analytics on user demographic status and survey results
  • Obtained a 90% feedback reporting rate on all self-testing participants
  • IVR
  • WhatsApp
  • Advanced analytics
  • Development time


    Development time for the end-to-end solution

  • Outbound calls

    3 million

    Number of outbound calls attainable using AWS and Twilio

  • Error rate


    Error rate on calls and SMS’s

Township youth hackathon

  • Built a simple tech solution to teach programming concepts to 100 Grade 11 township learners
  • Configured computer kits for under $100 that learners could take home
  • Hosted an interactive 2-day workshop to pique learner interest in tech skills and careers
  • Compiled a training programme to enable learners to code and refine animation projects
  • Tech-related costs per learner

  • Number of township-based Grade 11 learners impacted

  • Duration of programming workshop

    2 days
  • Raspberry PI
  • Scratch